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I’m RealSure Certified.  I’d love to tell you about RealSure Sell and RealSure Mortgage. Two new and completely innovative programs that are revolutionizing how people sell their home and move on to a new one.

Selling a home can be stressful and nearly every agent's approach is the same.  I'd like to introduce you to a new program called RealSure which has reinvented the home selling experience.  With this program I can provide greater assurance and flexibility combined with my expert guidance..

What is the most important thing to you as you begin your journey to sell your home?

1. Is it getting top dollar?

2. Is it Peace of Mind?

3. Is it Flexibility and/or Convenience?

4. Is it Speed you can get into your next home?

5. Or is it a Combination of some/all of these things?

Selling a home can be stressful but it shouldn't be.  I want to introduce you to a program designated to make the selling experience more enjoyable, empowering you to have more control and peace of mind.  I'd like to introduce you to RealSure, a program that truly changes the way homes are sold.  It tackles when/if a home will sell as well as helping to solve the problem "Should I sell my home before finding a new one or find a new home before selling my current one."  With RealSure I can provide a cash offer for your home (valid for 45 days), the potential to beat that price with another offer and the ability to move forward with confidence into your next home or next adventure!  We've solved the common issues by unlocking your purchasing power before entering into a contract to sell your current home.

Can I share more?  Great let's keep going!

I will provide you with a solution to all of the above issues that come up when people want/need to sell a home.  I will help you ensure that you are getting Top Dollar, Confidence that your home is sold on your terms in the fastest time frame that you choose, along with full peace of mind that you can move forward with either purchasing your next home, dream home or take your next adventure!

How does it all work?  It all starts with a free no obligation consultation with me. 

I come out to your home (20-30 Minutes), take a tour, find out the upgrades/upgrades required for the home, ask you some common questions, take some photos and present you with our offer package.  Sound interesting?  Absolutely, I will be there every step of the way.  As a Realtor, I take pride in helping people.  I ensure that it is a win/win for my customers or we don't do the deal.  I have found a way to help people overcome the stress and obstacles of buying a new home while selling their current home.  You no longer have to worry about selling your home in the old fashion traditional way (Hope, pray that it sells... full of stress).  We have combined RealSure Mortgage and RealSure Sell to let you make a strong offer on a new home with the same buying power as if your current home is already sold.  Created by Realogy, the company behind the world's most recognized residential real estate brands, and Home Partners of America, RealSure Mortgage helps you move forward with confidence.

1. Agree to allow me to assist you with getting your home sold!

2. I will enroll you in RealSure Sell Program and present you with a cash offer that's good for 45 days

3.(If you are purchasing a home) - Get you approved through RealSure Mortgage, RealSure will work with a trusted lender - Knowing you have a cash offer on your       current home. Get you a loan commitment with the greatest buying potential.

4. We go out and find your next home and make a strong offer. (With you having a cash offer on your home and a commitment for financing)

5. Get closing and get Moving!  You can accept the RealSure Cash Offer or accept a higher offer from a traditional buyer (that beats the RealSure Cash Offer) and close   on your current home.  

6. Now you are ready to close on your new home!

See how we have solved the problem of traditional real estate sales?  With RealSure Sell, RealSure Mortgage and the my help as your certified RealSure Agent, you can now sell and buy with greater control.  Stop Worrying and call me today.  I look forward to serving all of your real estate needs.  Let me get your home sold today.

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